About Us

Family and Friends…

This blog is dedicated to our travels. Our story is complex, involving a lot of different locations and adventures. Recently our locations have taken us to even farther places and our adventures are just getting bigger. We have decided to document our lives in an effort to keep in touch with all of you at home.

Our Story

Senior year of high school in Southern California, K did not have a date to prom. So, in an effort to get her a date, one of K’s friends told M that K liked him. She told K that he liked her. Comical because the two had never spoken. M ended up asking K to Prom where they had their first actual date. The weeks following they continued to hang out and when M was supposed to fly back to his family, in Washington, he decided to stay a little bit longer to hang out with K. Two months into their relationship, the long distance began. K thought it wouldn’t work, however M was optimistic.

M routinely flew to Southern California and would split his time between his family in Washington and seeing K in California. Seeing each other during holidays and the few vacations allowed by his school.

They bonded over their love of adventure and traveling, exploring North America, Europe, and the Pacific. Having many interesting experiences and lessons learned they have only grown as people over the past 5 years.

The 5 years of long distance was very difficult, some seasons being more difficult then others, but only the strong survive.IMG_0741

May 12, 2011

M asking K to Prom.

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